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Crystal Bed


5 Synergetic therapies in a single mat. In this session you will enjoy far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, PEMF (PULSE Electromagnetic Therapy), Crystal therapy, photon therapy. This session you lay down on the mat relax and enjoy all the benefits as deep penetrating heat that provides temporary relief for arthritis and joint pain, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains, muscular relaxation, increase circulation. Negative ions that fight free radicals, boost energy and improved mood, clean air of germs, allergens, dust, and mold producing overall feeling of well-being. PEMF has physiological and molecular affects on human neuronal cells as shown on NASA study, effect of long-term PEMF on osteoporosis, stimulation off sciatic nerve regeneration with PEMF, review off PEMF mechanism at a cellular level.

Enhances and helps with:

*Improve circulation at a cellular level

*Strengthen your immune System promoting cellular regeneration

*Concentration and mental acuity

*Stress reduction

*Better systemic blood and lymph flow promoting waste disposal/ detoxification

* Relaxation

* Better and deeper sleep

* General supply awesome nutrients and oxygen to the body

* Cardiac function

* Physical fitness endurance, strength, and energy

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