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Cacau Ceremony


What is the purpose of a cacao ceremony? A cacao ceremony provides a deliberate space for individuals to gather and partake in drinking ceremonial cacao. During the ceremony, participants may set new intentions, share heartfelt insights, or engage in guided meditations or visualizations. These ceremonies have been a long-standing tradition in south and central American cultures, particularly among the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, dating back thousands of years. Cacao was used not only as a means to promote unity and connection within communities but also to encourage positive intentions and manifestations for abundant crops. Furthermore, cacao held spiritual, medicinal, and ceremonial significance, serving as a tool for inner awakening and creative guidance. Even in modern times, cacao continues to be held in high regard by these ancient cultures. Presently, cacao ceremonies have made their way into the western world, finding popularity among holistic, spiritual, and wellness communities. By participating in a cacao ceremony, individuals have the opportunity to connect with themselves on a deeper level and to bond with others on the same journey. The consumption of cacao can bring about insights, creativity, and inspiration, as well as open the heart and enhance mood. Moreover, cacao ceremonies provide a space for profound healing, introspection, goal setting, self-love, and transformation.

What are the advantages of Ceremonial Cacao? Ceremonial cacao encompasses all the beneficial properties of pure cacao beans. It is considered a potent and positive substance, known to the Ancient Mayan culture as the 'Food of the Gods'. The active component in cacao, theobromine, is also referred to as 'Food of the Gods' in Ancient Latin. When consumed, cacao opens the heart and promotes a heartwarming sensation. Unlike caffeine, theobromine primarily stimulates blood flow and the heart, offering a more grounded source of energy without causing jitters or sleeplessness. Increased blood flow facilitated by theobromine often leads to a feeling of love, openness, and connection to oneself and others.

Cacao is well-documented for its ability to boost mood by increasing serotonin uptake through compounds like anandamide and PEA. These chemicals contribute to a sense of happiness and contentment with each sip of ceremonial cacao. Additionally, cacao is a reliable source of scientifically proven 'happiness' chemicals such as tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylethylamine.

Moreover, cacao stimulates focus and clarity by enhancing blood flow and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the brain. This stimulating effect of cacao allows individuals to maintain longer and deeper focus during spiritual practices such as meditation. If you often struggle with restlessness or distraction during meditation, you may find that cacao ceremonies provide a heightened level of concentration. This is why cacao is increasingly enjoyed in daily life as an alternative to coffee, especially during busy workdays or when facing demanding tasks like writing essays.

Abundant in health benefits

Cacao is rich in antioxidants, making it one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants. It also contains a high amount of magnesium, as well as calcium, in ratios that can be fully absorbed by the body. Moreover, it is packed with various essential vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, vitamins A, C, and D, calcium, zinc, copper, and potassium. You can find more information about the numerous advantages of cacao in its raw and pure form in our previous blog post.

Spiritual Association

Utilizing this potent and unadulterated form of cacao in a ceremonial context guarantees that its remarkable qualities and beneficial effects are fully experienced. Although cacao does not possess psychedelic properties, it has been regarded as a form of 'plant medicine' in ancient cultures due to its incredible benefits. Consequently, it is considered a safe, accessible, and enjoyable method to partake in a ceremonial medicine circle. This experience is likely to provide a heightened sense of unity, consciousness, or a deeper connection to oneself and the surrounding world.

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